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NEW Visual Tune Up for Windows

Takes you through Internet Explorer Clean out, Disk Cleanup, Running Ad Aware (spy ware cleanout), and Disk Defragmenter.
You can download Adaware here a free program

Internet Explorer TUNE UP Part 1

Computer TUNE UP Part 2 (defrag)

Disable Auto Complete in Internet Explorer

Check your Hard Drive for errors

Doing a Tune up on your Computer really helps performance.

Just follow the easy steps 1 and 2 and your sluggish computer will run faster.

I suggest doing a Tune up twice a month.

In part 1 we delete the cookies,internet files, and history that after awhile it just plain builds up because every time you go to a web site it adds a little more information.

In Part 2 we Defragment which takes all the stuff on your computer (hard drive) and puts them in contiguous order.

The best way to explain this is. When you organize your desk you put your pens and pencils here, stamps there, scissors in here. But after you work at your desk everything is in different places so you stop and clean it up. Now to your computer. When your hard disk looks for something its like a music record.(remember those) The needle, needles jump around from here to there on the discs to find your file. If your disk is in a mess the needles need to jump all over the place to find it. So it takes longer. Defragment and Whalla your computer is like a clean organized desk.

For the auto complete it just doesn't make much sense to put your name, address, credit card numbers and passwords automatically all over the internet. I think its just begging for trouble.


Internet Explorer Tune up Part 1

  1. Windows 98 users disable Screen saver to avoid interruptions click here for tutorial
  2. Open Internet Explorer
  3. click the Tools menu
  4. click Internet Options

  5. On the Internet Options page
  6. click on Delete Cookies

  7. On the Delete Cookies page
  8. click OK

  9. Back to the Internet Options page
  10. click on Delete Files

  11. On the Delete Files page
  12. Put a checkmark in the box next to Delete all offline content
  13. click OK

  14. Back to the Internet Options page
  15. click Clear History

  16. On the popup Internet Options page click Yes
  17. click OK on the bottom to exit
  18. Now its time to run your spy ware (such as Adaware..or your favorite)
    click here to download Adaware a totally free program
    (for personal use)

Computer Tune up Part 2 DEFRAG

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on All Programs
  3. click on Accessories
  4. Click on System Tools
  5. Click on Disk Defragmenter

  6. On the Disk Defragmenter Page
  7. On the top Click to highlight the volume you want to Defragment (probably C:)

  8. Now toward the Bottom of the Page
    You can click on analyze to see how bad it is. (To heck with that. Lets go straight to work)
  9. Click on the Defragment button

  10. Now Don't do anything as your computer needs to concentrate on what its doing
    When its Done another little window will pop up
    You can click on report to check it out
  11. Click on Close
  12. Click on the Red X at the top to close the window

Disable Auto Complete in Internet Explorer

  1. open Internet explorer
  2. At the very top left, fourth one over is TOOLS; left click that.
  3. The last selection is INTERNET OPTIONS; left click that.
  4. At the top, fourth one over, is CONTENT; left click that.
  5. Under personal information is a button AUTO COMPLETE; left click that
  6. Then under use auto complete for you have three choices
  7. WEB ADDRESSES; this is pretty handy and I have it checked. This helps when you type in the address bar manually and you will notice suggestions for web sites you have visited.
  8. FORMS; This should be Unchecked unless you want your name and address all over the internet. Convenience verses Security.
  9. USER NAMES AND PASSWORDS ON FORMS: This should be Unchecked. And always remember to SIGN OFF when you leave a Web sight. You can find Sign Off usually on the top right of the web page you signed into. One more thing is a SECURE sight always has an https:// in the address bar where a normal is http:// without the S. This is helpful when you fill in names and address.

Windows XP and 2000 pro
Check Your Hard Drive for Errors

  1. Open up My Computer
  2. Left click to select the Disk you want to check
  3. Right click and in the selection menu
  4. left click on Properties
  5. Click on the tools Tab

  6. In the Error Checking Box
  7. Click on the Check Now Button

  8. In the Check Local Disk Popup
  9. Click Start

  10. In the checking Local Disk Popup Window
  11. Click Yes
  12. Let the program run



Disable Screen saver for windows 98
this needs to be done to stop the interruptions

  1. Right click an empty space on desktop
  2. click on the properties tab
  3. in the Display properties box
  4. click on screen saver tab at top
  5. in the Screen saver section
  6. click on the arrow and change to wait 90 ? minutes
  7. After your done defragmenting you can reset screen saver
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