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Strange and True

Strange and True

Look what comes outa
this guys eye


Check out this Iceberg

51 Chev Truck Boat to escape Cuba

Split Tongue !

2nd attempt in Buick Boat to escape Cuba

Giant Squid ?

Brain Surgery with store drill

Life for Spitting

Two very good Questions

Swallows fork to get cockroach out

Noahs Ark

The story of Butch Ohare



1.5 Million Dollar Shoes

I can tell you the Answer (quiz)

Eat More Dogs, Cambodians Urged

Man selling Mummy to pay off tractor

Kangaroo saves mans life

Dog with 11.5 inch ears

Minoan Ship

Growing Half Veggies

Penis Snatcher Beaten to Death

Find the Mans Head
(Brain Test)

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