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Strange and True 2

Statistics for 1903 !!!

Six Legged Cow

Concordes put to Rest
End of Supersonic Travel

Dog Averts Bomb

The Wright Brothers
First Powered, Controlled Flight

Winner dies in Russian "vodka marathon,"
five runners-up hospitalised

Witch Gets State Grant

Captain Ejects from Thunderbird F-16


Diet of worms eases that gut feeling

Robot camel Jockeys


Knife-resistant coat for todays children

Futuristic Space Elevator


Worlds "Biggest Coin

Man Burned Alive for Stealing Gas Canister


Something you can't do in CALIFORNIA... Necrophilia

Israeli scientists spin first artificial spider's web


Third attempt in Taxicab Boat escaping Cuba

B-15A iceberg in McMurdo Sound after it broke off the Ross Ice Shelf in Antartica


Japans Indoor Beach

Biggest Catfish


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